Welcome to the Durham & Cleveland Squash Website for the 2017/2018 season

NSL Complete Mansafe Solutions County Cup

The final of the the men's cup will be played at Redcar on Wed 18th April 7:30pm

    The finalist are:  GlaxoSmithKline (+8) and Guisborough2 (-15)

Please note that the deadline for submitting match scores (rule 4f) was amended this season to 24 hours after the match (previously 7 days). The Leaguemaster system will be updated to automatically deduct 2 points from the winning team if this deadline is exceeded.
Ghost player rule now in effect (rule 2e).  
Please contact league secretary to have a ghost player reinstated to leaguemaster when they play for your team.

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NSL County Cup

This years mens  tournament draw can be seen in LeagueMaster by clicking here.

The rules are available on "Information" on menu above.


Thanks to Wellsprings Properties Limited for  sponsoring the  2017/2018  season
This is the 15th season they have sponsored DCSRA and we thank them for their support.

Men's A

Winner:- Danny Hockborn


11/9   5/11   6/11   18/16   11/9

Runner Up:- Gareth Lumsdon

Men's B

Winner:- Michael Bowes


13/11   13/10   7/13   13/8

Runner Up:- Dan Anderson

Men's C

Winner:- Max McDonald


18/16   15/11   14/16   15/10

Runner Up:- Barry Corbyn

Ladies A

Winner:- Kristy Burkin


15/13   13/10   12/14   13/4

Runner Up:- Laura Bowes

Ladies B

Winner:- Karen Clark


15/5   15/8   15/6

Runner Up:- Maria Maley

Ladies A Plate

Winner:- Joanne Hilton


6/13   13/11   13/10   9/13   14/12

Runner Up:- Lucinda Cross

Men's A Plate

Winner:- Ian Hilton


11/2   11/4   11/6

Runner Up:- Neil Harrison

Men's B Plate

Winner:- Patrick Billany


12/14   13/9   13/9   13/2

Runner Up:- James Knowlson

Men's C Plate

Winner:- Paul Langley


15/11   15/12   15/1

Runner Up:- Sam Smith

Thanks to the main sponsor Hathaway & Cope

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