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Durham & Cleveland

Squash Rackets Association


2014/15 Season




Last Updated: 30th Sept 2014  ------  Next Update Due:  4th Oct 2014

  Update Details New Items are highlighted.....
  • Updated some nominations and restored the online scorecard form, removed Collingwood.
    The online scorecard can be found  here.
  • Updated Handbook changes page here
  • Player nominations for your club may may be submitted up to 24 hours before your first match.  After that new players can be added at any time until end of January*  as long as prior notice is given of their position in your merit order.
    excluding division 1 since 2013 AGM amendment to rule 4g.

    Changes to the order of existing players can only be done in the re-nomination windows of
       i. Nov/Dec and   ii. Jan. 

    Updated 2014/15 player nomination form.
  • Updated draws for D&C NSL league cup  Mens Draw   Ladies Draw including semi and final dates
    Please check details and send info on games as soon as they are played to Brian Duke so that we can move the competition on.
    Also note that the dates for the semi-final and final are moved because the sponsor would like it to be on an evening.
  • Updated Draws and details for the Durham & Cleveland NSL League cup are now available using the following links:
    Web Pages: Mens Draw  Mens Notes   Ladies Draw *  Ladies Notes   Rules     
    Word Docs   Mens Draw  Mens Notes  Ladies DrawLadies Notes   Rules    
    *Note there is an update to the handicap for Sedgefield Ladies1, as there was error in the first version.
  • Final results, Photos draws and match times for the County Closed Championships 23rd- 26th  January 2014
    sponsored by Hathaway and Cope (Life and Pensions Ltd.)  are now available here:
      Mens     Ladies     Mens Plate    Ladies Plate      Photos   Report
  • Peter Lonsdale reports that the Durham &Cleveland O45's had a great result last weekend.
    D&C beat Bucks 4-1, Cheshire 5-0 and Lancs 3-2 to reach the National finals in March '14.
  • Please note that all Bannatynes home match start times are changed to 7.00 pm.  This is because the club must close at 10.45 and there is a likelihood of not having time for supper if matches do not start on time.
  • Message from Munro Montanus, SA Knights tour captain 2008  here
  • Reminder:  results must be sent in via Email to within 7 days of match.
    To help with sending results by Email the following form may be used - Result Card (MS Word Format).
    For those without MS Word Result Card in RTF format (can be opened in Wordpad on any windows computer).
    Alternatively, there is an online web form  here.  Forms submitted using this link are automatically saved on the server and emailed to league secretary.
  • NEWCASTLE NORTHERN CUP 2013   22nd – 24th of February at Northern Squash Club, Gosforth. NE3 2DT
    Pro event running alongside Graded events for all standards.
    Click here for entry form and poster    Updated Draws            Axis Fitness Offer  poster (6MB PDF File)
    Results: A Chris Fuller bt Dan Hockborn;  B  Aitor Garcia bt Chris Garner;  C Thomas Beresford bt Tim Barker.
  • Durham & Cleveland County Closed Championship sponsored by Hathaway and Cope (Life & Pensions Ltd)
      were held at Nunthorpe Squash Club Thu 17 Jan - Sun 20 Jan 2013. 
    Updated Draws:  Ladies  web  word     Mens  web  word  Mens Plate web word  
       Ladies Plate : Helen Dowson beat Louise Mawson  11-6  11-8  11-6
  • Message from Francis Cloete, SA Knights.  "The 26th Knights Tour has come to end. The Team played 34 Fixtures. Won 24 and lost 10. Thanx to all the followers and support we have received during the 7weeks.
    Photos of the tour will be posted soon."
  • South African Knights tourists will be playing an exhibition match against a Durham and Cleveland county select team at Nunthorpe SC on Sat 5th Jan 2013. START TIME 6:45 PM

    The Knights Squash Rackets Club was founded by Kendal Jarvis in 1960 with the intention of sending teams of young promising squash players on tour to Britain, not only to play against clubs and county sides, but also to play in tournaments being held at the same time. The first tour took place in 1961/1962 and the 26th tour leaves South Africa at the end of November 2012 for six weeks of squash, and an experience of a life time.


    The success of these tours can be judged not only by the fact that they have been an active part of South African squash for over fifty years, but also from the reality that many Knights members have gone onto play for their provinces, win South African tournaments and championships, and become Springboks. In addition to playing ability, selection places a very high premium on sportsmanship and good behavior. Representation from around the country is also an important factor.
    The following players
    have been selected to represent the Knights on this tour.


    Craig Stephens  is from Parys in the Free State and is team captain

    Mick Gouweloos is from Pietermaritzberg

    Nell vd Merwe  is from Pretoria

    Francois Cloete and

    Esjee Robinson both from Potchefstroom in the North West

    The team face 34 matches starting on Sunday 2nd December when they play at the Coolhurst Lawn Tennis and Racquets Club, Crouch End London. In the space of 43 days they will visit all corners of Britain, including Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxford, Jersey, Guernsey, Essex, Suffolk, Exeter, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Pontefract, Halifax, Middlesbrough, Cumbria, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle upon Tyne and finishing at Nottingham and Birmingham before flying back home on Jan 15th.

  • Made a small change to the detailed match results, now sorted in descending order so the newest results are at the top of the first page instead of the bottom of the last page.  Is this more useful? 
    Let me know if you have any opinions on this or any other aspect of the reports.
    The contact link is at the bottom of this page.
  • Ghost Players. Once teams have played 4 matches they become subject to the 'ghost player' rule (4f).
    Any player that has not played but is nominated for a team that has played 4 will be temporarily removed from the list until they do play.
    The main effect of this is that players ranked below the 'ghost' will move up and could become ineligible for lower teams. e.g if a second team player is ghosted out, third team player number 11 would move up to 10 and so would not be allowed to play for the third team until the ghost returns and plays a match.
    There is no need to notify League secretary if a 'ghost player' is making a return, they remain eligible throughout.
    100 will be added to the ghost player's ranking so that they still appear on the website, but if they return and play it must be in the same order as they were previously nominated.
  • 2012 “Squash Masters Championships” was hosted at Yarm on October 5th-7th.
    Please view the Championship web site for further information
  • County Closed Junior Championships dates venues and entry forms on Juniors page or link here
  • Primary Schools tournament report
  • Minutes of the 2011 AGM
    The only change you should be aware of is new rule 3c regarding late payment of league fees.
    The rules page has been updated accordingly.
  • Durham and Cleveland junior committee intend to run regular coaching for a newly formed county junior (feeder) group for boys and a junior girls only coaching group.
    The aim is to target juniors who are not currently involved in the county coaching scheme.
    These coaching sessions will run monthly starting on Sunday January 9th.
    location Norton Squash Club
    time      15:00 till 16:30
    cost      £5
    If interested contact Phil Harris 07827 343379
  • If you are interested in playing for the Durham&Cleveland County Teams please consider entry to the County Veterans competition, details below and/or contact the team organisers:
    Mens Neil Harrison
    Ladies Vicky Barker
    Mens O35/O45 Pete Lonsdale   O50 Brian Duke   O55 Norman Turnbull  O60 Peter Wharton


scorecard (in a new window)   25/09/14

Steve Cubbins (Northumberland) manages a web site which contains up to the minute Squash news - so why not give the site a visit.......



Will Manson (Mill House) has established a squash ladder in Hartlepool for anyone wishing to play Squash outside the leagues. This is a "fun" ladder and anyone interested should link to the web site established for the ladder to get instructions about how to join etc.

The URL is:

Aycliffe have now established a Web site at so check it out.



Please check out the "Information" tab on a regular basis for details of activities, reports and general County SRA details as follows:

  • ESR Singles Rules 2009

  • 2004-11 competitions

  • 2005-11 Awards

  • Golf Day

  • 2005 Over 35's triumph in Nationals

  • Northern Echo Website

  • 2003/4 AGM notes

  • 2003/4 Presentation Evening

  • 2003/4 County News


The following indicates your Executive Committee members for the 2014/15 Season:

  • President:  Peter Walker

  • Chairman:  Linda Coleby

  • Secretary:  Geoff Smith

  • Treasurer:  Julia Rowsby

  • League Secretary:  Geoff Watson

  • Committee:  Dinah Andrews, Ralph Bliss, Dave Geldart,  Neil Harrison, ,
                       James Larcombe, Dave Thomas,  Tim Walls

  • Co-Opted:   Brian Duke (ESR Council Rep)

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