Minutes of the Committee Meeting on 19th September 2016

7:15pm at Norton S.C. Club House, Norton


Present: L Coleby, J Rowsby, B Duke, D Geldart, G Watson, D Andrews, I Hilton.

Apologies: G Smith, J Larcombe, S Lindsay.


Outstanding item from the previous meeting

1.      It has not been possible to organise an end of season men’s 1st Division competition with Northumbria this year but, negotiations to begin for next year. Instead, for this season we are looking to organise an end of season cup match. Contact will be made with players and committees.                       

2.      As the men’s 1st Division season matches end on 31st January, it was decided to add another round of fixtures so teams play each other 3 times. Teams will be notified of dates by email.                             

3.      Rules for the ladies leagues are operating but numbered as 5d and 5e in the fixtures book.                                                                              




1.    The committee was asked to consider changing a foreign player nomination. It was decided as the team had played a match including the player; no exception would be permitted to 2 foreigner nomination rule.                                                                                                                            

2.      A query has been received regarding Darlington foreign player nominations.  Committee considered query and nominations and found no rule had been broken.                                      

3.      There has been a clash of dates between the County Masters Competition and Inter County O50s and O60s. It is suggested the Masters could be played on alternative date which would also allow for more time for entries. Suggested date w/c 24th October – half term week.

4.      Tim Walls has resigned and thanks go to him for the work he has done.

5.      Nick Collins will be new Junior Chairman.  He has moved the Junior Closed to weekend of 1/2nd October at Norton to allow for organisation time. He will be looking at the junior leagues with a view to reorganisation.   Please all encourage juniors to take part and any parents wishing to be more involved, to speak to Nick.

6.      Darlington Quakers L1 had dropped out of the leagues. Dave G has corresponded with them and the matter is resolved.


Treasurer’s Report

1.      Still chasing Team Fees, all in hand.


League Report           

1.      Fixtures booklets sorted and distributed to representatives for clubs.  Number of score pads needed to be reviewed next year.

2.      Resultszone – now up and running.  For nominations use the separate nominations button on the Durham and Cleveland website.                                                         

3.      Masters competition; please refer to Correspondence, item 3.  


Council Report

1.      Nothing to report.


1.      Darlington to host County Closed in January.

2.      The Men’s League cup draws are now on the website.  There are changes to the rules so read them carefully.

3.      Craig and Kevin are both happy to sponsor the League Cup and County Closed Competitions this season.


1.      In hand for the next meeting. 



1.      Dinah Andrews has been appointed Child Welfare Officer.


Any Other Business


1.      The South African Knights will be touring again this season and will be visiting our county on Thursday 5th January and will be hosted by Redcar, including accommodation.                

2.      Ladies Friendlies; Please ask if ladies wish to enter teams and let Dinah know asap.                     

3.      Sunshine 4 Sumner; Request for a squashathon to raise money for Sumner Malik 9/10th December. Details to be sent to each club.  Sedgefield possibly offered to host.                                                           

4.      The County Presentation Evening will be held on 12th May 2017 at Norton.






21st November 2016

7:15 pm Norton